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  *Springfield Fun fest 16 Open*

16-1's Tournament Champions

 *Inclement Weather*

If the weather is poor and the roads are unsafe for our players and families to travel on, practice will be cancelled.  If practice is cancelled, a notification will be posted on the front page of the website by 4pm.  


College/University Announcements

Chelsea Sheldon-Medina ------ Signed to play at Chicago State

Molly Kelley  ------- Signed to Play at McPherson College

Coach Sarah Mertens ------- Moving on to Play at Peru State College

Becca Simkins  ------ Signed to Play at Baker University

Nicole Armstrong  ------ Signed to Play at Paul Smith College

Shelbie Vanderweide ------ Signed to Play at Coffeyville Community College 

Lexi Nick ------ Signed to Play at KCKCC

**Lexi Nick was selected to play in the Missouri-Kansas All Star Game** 

 Congratulations and Best of Luck from the KC Twisters! 

Terry Littleton

Club President

23605 S. Hanging Tree Lane

Peculiar, MO 64078

The practice schedule is posted on the Calendar page.

If practice has to be cancelled because of inclement weather,

a notice will be posted by 4:00 pm on the web site